Caleb Shoihet

Technical Lead

About Caleb

Caleb’s passion for technology originates from an early avidity towards math and video games. From hacking consoles to creating games on TI-82 calculators, Caleb’s childhood was filled with a curiosity of how software gets created. After graduating from University of Toronto with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Performance Drama, Caleb moved to Chicago to join a small startup Fintech company Rapunzl as the CTO, building a simulated trading mobile application to educate users. After 2 years, Caleb left to join Leap as a software engineer. At Leap, Caleb developed the company's web application, api and data collecting services, helping the company grow from 3 to 50 stores across the United States and $5 million to $200 million in evaluation over the course of 2 years.