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Marco provides $100,000 Factoring Facility for Cactus Sands

Lucía Irureta Goyena
April 4, 2023

The US-based company focused on landscaping, gardening and maintaining green spaces (like sidewalks, swimming pools, etc) for recognized hotel chains and major complexes, Cactus Sands, completed a $100,000 factoring facility with Marco in order to grow the health of their cash-flow to keep building the client portfolio while expanding the team, all without hurting operations. 

“We are truly happy with this new partnership,” CEO of Cactus, Robert Warbutton, explained. “We were in dire need of a solution like this, that would help us keep moving forward without having to wait for payment from our clients. We work with big chains and important businesses, so it’s not uncommon to have extended payment terms, but that would make it difficult for us to keep our business running. We want to thank the outstanding Marco team that provided us with the perfect solution".

“I love getting to work with companies all over the world but it is always special when I can help someone in my home state of South Carolina,” Bryan Hatfield, Business Development Representative at Marco, added. “It has been such an amazing experience working with Bob and Niki through the process and now I get to see them grow. Now Cactus Sands is not only taking care of their working capital needs but also has the resources and the money to grow to three times their current size in a short period of time.”

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