Advance the funds in your invoices. Anywhere, anytime.

    Marco’s dashboard gives you a view of the customers you're borrowing against and how much is available to you. Simply click to request an advance on your export invoices for the exact amount you need and when you need them.

        Advanced invoices
        "Very quick to solve the line"
        Sergio Cervantes, Mexican exporter.
        Satisfied buyers

        Your easy access to debt-free finance.

        Offer payment terms to your buyers. Select your invoices and get paid as soon as you ship. 100% online.

        Get paid on your own terms.

        Banks' slow, bureaucratic solutions don't work for the dynamic pace of your business.Marco uses your transaction history to determine your financing rate. This helps you not only get paid faster, but less expensively than other solutions.


        No financial history required

        Infinite requisites

        100% visible, no surprises

        Surprise fees and you pay for the total value of the line

        Withdraw the exact amount and when you need it

        Withdraw the total amount after long process

        Simple application, 100% online

        Paper-based long application

        Assigned account manager

        Slow and impersonal support

        Get funded 24 hours.

        Withdraw the needed amount and send it to your bank account at any institution. Funds credited within 24 hours.

        100% online and hassle-free.

        100% digital application process. Submit basic details about your business on our website and you’re done.

        "Marco provides the necessary flexibility to decide whether or not to go ahead with an international project.

        The bank does not give you that solution. Instead, they ask you for all the information and tell you to come back in a month."

        Sergio Cervantes, VGL México.
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        Increase your sales and improve your cashflow


        Sign long-term contracts with importers without worrying about the working capital.

        Payment Terms.

        Get paid upfront while your business customers can pay in 30, 60, or 90 days.


        Incorporate new international buyers to your client portfolio without worrying about the risk.

        Sign up for free and get on-demand financing.

        Take control of the funds in your invoices. Marco advances pay up to 90% on invoices from your approved customers. Finance your growth and de’risk your net terms invoices.

        • Get funded in 24 hours

        • Get paid on your own terms

        • 100% online and hassle-free


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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is factoring?

        A financial operation in which the exporter assigns a credit (an invoice or collection right) to a financial entity (factor) to have capital available immediately.


        What’s the minimum and maximum financing amount?

        Marco finances credit lines from  USD 30,000 to USD 30,000,000.


        What happens once I sign up?

        You’ll receive an application that you’ll have to fill in with basic information about your business and other documentation about previous exports.


        How much is Marco’s fee?

        You’ll know the exact fee once you fill in the application, as it depends on various factors. Marco’s fee is usually below what you can get with other similar tools that, unlike Marco, have rates above 2% per month.


        How does Marco get my invoices information?

        In most Latin American markets, Marco is integrated with local information systems, such as SAT in Mexico. With your previous approval, we download your invoices information directly from those systems. Then you can select which invoices you want to factor.