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Marco Provides $1M Factoring facility for Limtronik USA

Lucía Irureta Goyena
January 31, 2023

Limtronik, a Colorado-based company with ownership out of Germany specializing in third-party manufacturing of motherboards and other electronic production elements, completed a $1,000,000 factoring facility with Marco

This line is expected to grow to $3,000,000 over the next 18 months as more clients are transferred from the sister company in Germany into the US for US production for the EV market. 

“The company is transitioning, and this facility is the backbone they need. Now they can expand to new markets and grow their international client base. It’s a big milestone for them, and we are glad Marco could be part,” Bryan Hatfield, Business Development Officer at Marco, said. 

“Marco Financial has been a solid partner in helping my clients meet their critical financing needs. They take their business seriously, with solid processes and best-in-class systems that provide certainty and precision for their clients and partners,” Joe Sullivan, Marco’s partner, highlighted. “Bryan Hatfield excels at managing the client-facing aspects of deals and the internal steps needed to keep things moving.”

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