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Marco Provides $2MM Factoring Facility for Worldwide Supply

Lucía Irureta Goyena
February 8, 2023

Worldwide Supply, a global technology supplier headquartered in New Jersey, US, completed a $2mm factoring facility with Marco. This enabled the company to repay its bank loan successfully within the deadline.

“The Marco team was simply amazing,” Jay VanOrden, CEO, said. “We’ve worked these last few days tirelessly to ensure the bank was paid in full. We are confident we made the right choice selecting Marco as our partner and are excited to look towards the future with them as our partners”.

“The client had a clear need to fulfill, and we are glad we could take care of it in the best way possible,” Bryan Hatfield, Business Development Officer at Marco, said. “This is what we do best: help companies move forward, grow their business and operate smoothly.”

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