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Meet the team: Bryan Hatfield

Lucía Irureta Goyena
February 3, 2023

Bryan Hatfield is a seasoned business development and sales professional from South Carolina, with over 25 years of experience. Bryan’s entrepreneurial spirit started at the young age of 7 when he sold candy on the school bus. This spirit eventually led to him starting a landscaping business and a data lead generation business. 

In College at The Citadel, Bryan continued working and started a National Insurance Brokerage with his Father called The Focus Financial Group. They then acquired a Property and Casualty Agency growing from one location to four. Bryan served as a civilian contractor in the USAF and set up insurance divisions inside of credit unions which led to him managing a $2.7B hedge fund. He then left the hedge fund world and started a consulting business helping factoring and ABL companies get access to funding sources from family offices in 2008. This led to Bryan taking on the role of BD with one of the companies he was working with. 

Throughout his career, Bryan has held senior positions in ABL and Factoring companies, such as Context Business Lending, InFactor Capital, FarWest Capital, SouthStar Capital, Celtic Capital, Drift Capital, Charlestown Capital Management and Commercial Funding Incorporated under Commercial Capital Group.

Bryan is now a Business Development Officer at Marco, working to bring clients in need of fast and efficient financing to the company and assisting in providing the right solutions for them. He has already brought in amazing clients like Limtronik USA and Worldwide Supply. 

“At the core of any business partnership is relationships, and this is where Marco stands out. Bryan Hatfield, with whom I work directly, is a true professional whose expertise, patience and – perhaps most of all – sense of humor in managing through sometimes tricky client situations is second to none,” Joe Sullivan, Marco’s partner, said. “Bryan excels at managing the client-facing aspects of deals and the internal steps needed to keep things moving. He’s helped me in numerous ways become more informed about the business and better able to guide my clients in helping them accomplish their financing objectives.”

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