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US Imports from Mexico Surpass China in 2023: Key Factors and Implications for Marco

Bryan Hatfield
October 27, 2023

In a pivotal turn of events, the United States has initiated a significant shift by importing more goods from Mexico than from China in 2023. This transformation in trade dynamics has far-reaching implications for various sectors of the economy, particularly for companies like Marco. As a recognized provider of asset-based lending and factoring services catering to import and export businesses in the US and Latin America, Marco finds itself at the epicenter of this transformative change.

Key Factors Fueling the Surge in Imports from Mexico

Several key factors have contributed to the recent increase in US imports from Mexico:

1. Proximity and Supply Chain Resilience

  • Mexico's proximity to the United States provides a strategic advantage in terms of supply chain resilience and cost-efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed vulnerabilities in lengthy, complex supply chains, prompting many US businesses to reassess and streamline their supply chains. Mexico's proximity enables quicker transit times, reduced shipping costs, and greater control over the production process, creating an enticing business environment for US importers.

2. The Impact of US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

  • The implementation of the USMCA in July 2020 replaced the former NAFTA agreement, modernizing trade relations between the three North American nations. This trade agreement promotes greater economic integration and collaboration, offering preferential trade terms for regionally produced goods. For US importers, this translates to reduced tariffs and simplified access to Mexican markets.

3. Mitigating Tariff Uncertainties with China

  • Ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China have led to unpredictable and fluctuating tariffs on Chinese imports. This unpredictability has incentivized US businesses to diversify their sources of supply. Mexico has emerged as a reliable and tariff-friendly alternative to China, attracting importers looking for more stable trade conditions.

4. Rising Labor Costs in China: A Shifting Landscape

  • The steady increase in labor costs in China has eroded its cost advantage when compared to Mexico. Consequently, US importers are exploring Mexico as a competitive manufacturing and sourcing destination, especially in labor-intensive industries.

Significance for Marco

The impact of these shifting import patterns is significant for Marco due to the following reasons:

1. A Diverse Client Base

  • Marco caters to a diverse clientele engaged in international trade, including Mexican-based companies and US entities operating in Mexico. With more US businesses turning to Mexico as their primary source of imports, the company's client base is poised to expand, leading to new lending and factoring opportunities.

2. Meeting Evolving Financing Needs

  • Importers often require financing solutions to bridge cash flow gaps, procure inventory, or fulfill large orders. Marco's expertise in asset-based lending and factoring positions it to meet the evolving financial needs of companies importing from Mexico. Factoring allows clients to access working capital within 48 hours of invoicing. With Marco's ABL product, they can achieve the same benefits with reduced invoicing verification and additional asset classes like inventory.

3. Effective Risk Management

  • In an era of shifting trade partners and geopolitical dynamics, effective risk management is crucial. Marco provides valuable insights and support to clients navigating the complexities of international trade, ensuring they effectively mitigate risks.

4. Optimizing Supply Chains

  • Marco assists importers in optimizing their supply chains by providing financial solutions tailored to their specific requirements. As companies seek to diversify their supplier base, Marco's expertise becomes indispensable. The EPIC program helps companies negotiate early payment discounts with suppliers, extend payment terms, and free up capital, enhancing margins without sacrificing upfront capital.


The recent trend of the United States importing more from Mexico than China in 2023 signifies a momentous shift in global trade dynamics. As businesses adapt to this change, companies like Marco, specializing in asset-based lending and factoring for import and export firms, play a pivotal role in supporting their clients' financial needs and helping them navigate the complexities of international trade. By understanding and capitalizing on these evolving trade patterns, Marco is well-positioned to continue providing invaluable services to its clients and contribute to the growth of US-Mexico trade relations.

If you are interested in learning more about Marco or our Factoring, ABL, or Supply Chain Financing products, please contact Bryan Hatfield at bhatfield@marcofi.com or you can learn more at https://www.marcofi.com/

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